Saturday, 1 March 2008

Next stage

The first pictures show the marking of the boom before the planing of the boom.
some more pictures! made some good progress this saturday.
and didnot forget my camera.

I finished the boom, yard (rounded, tapered, nice rounded top) and started with the transom and bulkhead framing.

Also made som "washers" for the temporary screws / fasteners during the glueing.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

The pictures

The mast, from a square to round and tapered.

Centreboard and rudder, ready to be glued

The tiller, with a spacer

The start of the hollow mast, tapered

Here are some pictures. as promised.

No pictures...yet!

This saturday I could work on the GIS all day, as my wife was busy writing a book (on quality in project management in the schoolsystem...isn't that nice?).

I did the second narrow stave of the mast, made the the internal blocks to size, so now the mast is ready to assemble , prepared the centreboard and rudder for the glueing. After that I had some time left to start on the tiller, as I want to do all "small" parts before actually starting on the boat itself.

Because of the temperature I think I can start doing the glueing next week or so. Then I will start on the boom and the lugyard.The pictures will come later this week, I hope, as I forgot to take my camera back home ( or forgot to take my laptop to the Eifel, the same result: no pictures yet).

But maybe I can blame my neighbour, who is a cattle farmer: he wanted to discuss the impossibilities of the German Taxsystem for farmers to earn a nice living, over a beer or two..three. I cannot remember. As promised: the pictures will follow.


Monday, 18 February 2008

Update (1)

to be able to have more pictures available, you could look at Not only GIS, but some other pictures too.

Next step (2)

Sunday I could work on the boat again: did the marking of the parts of the mast, made all the spacers and planed one of the narrow staves. Pictures will come next wek: forgot my camera...

Next step

Last week I made the planning: here it is:
* woodwork
- marking and cutting all plywood parts;
- mast, boom and lug yard
- rudder blade and centreboard;
- rudder;
- centreboard case;
- bulkheads and transom;
- hull
and from ther the instructions;
* epoxy and glassing
* painting
I first want to finish all parts except the hull, as to avoid that after completion of the hull I have to spend time on a lot of smaller parts. I want to sail asap!

Monday, 4 February 2008

The first pictures of building the GIS

View from the "wharf" , the garage at our Eifelhouse

The instructions (follow them exactly!)

The start of the lofting

Two parts of the side panel

The jigsaw with the tape to keep a good distance while sawing

All ply parts ready to be assembled

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Eifelhouse: for R&R (and boatbuilding)??

My wife Willemijn (left) and her sister, unaware of the secret boatbuilding that is going on.

Some progress

Things go fast here. DSince the last posting I cleaned up the garage, did 100 km of ice speed skating on the Weissensee in Austria. And started on the building of the Goat Island Skiff!

I did the lofting of all parts, which was quite easy, if you followed the detailed instructions. I did that for the bigger part, except for one: the part that will be the transom: when I started drawing the lines, it interfered with the front seat. I didnot read the plan good enough, so I had to start the drawing of the transom again. And thanks to the good plan it came out perfectly this time.

Next time I will try to put some photos here, or give a connection to my smugmug photo website.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

At last a message (thanks to the good intentions for the new year): I have the plans, all the wood and tools that are neccesary to build the GIS. Now I only have to clean up the garage, set up the workbench and get started. Well, that last part can be a problem: at the end of the month I will do some 100 km of ice speed skating in Austria (Alternative Eleven Cities Tour) and I still have some excersise to do... What choice to make? I will tell you in the next blog.