Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Eifelhouse: for R&R (and boatbuilding)??

My wife Willemijn (left) and her sister, unaware of the secret boatbuilding that is going on.

Some progress

Things go fast here. DSince the last posting I cleaned up the garage, did 100 km of ice speed skating on the Weissensee in Austria. And started on the building of the Goat Island Skiff!

I did the lofting of all parts, which was quite easy, if you followed the detailed instructions. I did that for the bigger part, except for one: the part that will be the transom: when I started drawing the lines, it interfered with the front seat. I didnot read the plan good enough, so I had to start the drawing of the transom again. And thanks to the good plan it came out perfectly this time.

Next time I will try to put some photos here, or give a connection to my smugmug photo website.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

At last a message (thanks to the good intentions for the new year): I have the plans, all the wood and tools that are neccesary to build the GIS. Now I only have to clean up the garage, set up the workbench and get started. Well, that last part can be a problem: at the end of the month I will do some 100 km of ice speed skating in Austria (Alternative Eleven Cities Tour) and I still have some excersise to do... What choice to make? I will tell you in the next blog.