Tuesday, 3 March 2009

the sequence of the pictures did not work out: no relation with the real world, I think. Building a boat is easier than building an blog. But a blog is faster.

the hull, upside down, waiting for the bottom

first attempt of a dry run for the hull. from a staple of sheets to this. almost a boat?

centre board case, glued

working on the centreboard case

the hull, bottom attached, sides planed level with the sides.

the bottom. partially glued, working on the rest

th hull, bulkheads fitted, bevelling the chines

front seat. the hole for the mast still hast to be made.

mid seat, dry run for glueing the supports

rear seat, fitted to the hull, a dry run

a view of the hull, work in progress

rear of the hull, glueing the side stringers and rear stringer

mast support and mast partner

hull with centreboard

a view of the hull, gunwales attached for a dry run

The hull, just turned

Made some progress: hull is almost ready, loose parts are almost ready (mast, yard, boom: some glassing to do) here are some pics:

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